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Hazel Butters

Public relations, copywriting and marketing

Hazel Butters founded Prompt communications in London in 2002 and in Boston in 2006. Hazel has worked in technology PR for over ten years delivering PR for DEC Alpha, Siemens, Broadbase, Complinet/Thomson Reuters and many more. In 2009 Hazel opened a San Francisco office and takes an active role in working with Boston-based tech start ups.

The success of most products and services depends on how clearly they can be explained and how well their benefits can be communicated. You can’t sell something the buyer doesn’t understand, so companies need an effective way to communicate with purchasers, investors, opinion leaders and influencers.

Prompt can help you to communicate the benefits of your organisation, your products and your services to the people who matter. We do that by providing you with the right mix of media relations, copywriting, creative, marketing, social media and analyst relations for your organisation.

Prompt has offices in London, Boston, MA, and San Francisco, CA. Our consultants have a strong track record of working as PR advisors, journalists, marketing professionals and sales people.

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