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Social listening is the analysis of discussions across social media channels to better understand and engage with consumers, users and citizens.

Prompt Social is Prompt’s social media listening consultancy and services.

Prompt provides social listening services to brands, B2B businesses and organizations that want to analyze, review and act on social media conversations. We help them to engage with audiences and drive their business or organizational objectives.

The challenges presented by social listening

We don’t want to use the term ‘big data’ here, as we feel it is used in many undefined ways, but there is a challenge of volume when it comes to social listening. Just consider some of these facts:

  • More than 1.28 billion users are currently active on Facebook
  • Each day more than 500 million new tweets are posted on Twitter
  • There are more than 152,000,000 blogs (with a new one created every half second)

This volume and pace means that it is very difficult to simply ‘glance’ at social media and understand what is happening, identify trends and broader sentiment, and then compile this data into something that your business will act on. Prompt Social solves this problem by using tools and processes that specifically handle the volume, variety and pace of social media.

Why should my business or organization listen to social media?

Social media conversations are unbiased, honest views and attitudes of your users, consumers, business partners or citizens. They provide the perfect opportunity to gather honest feedback, to spot frank attitudes, and to understand genuine trends – opinions that are ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’.

By reviewing conversations, comments and trends, businesses and organizations will:

  • Gather genuine and timely feedback on products and services
  • Understand sentiment relating to campaigns and product launches, including advertising campaigns, events and in-store or online promotions
  • Gauge consumer sentiment over time to discover if users and audiences are engaged with your brand in support of your vision
  • Know which business partners are present and active. Measure individual partner social media influence
  • Identify groups and individuals that are key social influencers

All this means you will gather insight from social media monitoring that will be actioned to drive business or organizational goals: communication, sales, engagement.

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