Exquisite Communications

Striving to produce the most effective communications for your sales and stakeholder value, Prompt stays abrest of the latest developments and methods to ensure it delivers effective communications through the press and digital channels. Please browse below or contact us to explore how to fine tune your communications.

Public Relations

Create and deliver effective communications, rising above competitors and in the minds of prospects and stakeholders.


Tap in to the experience, talent and determination to organise marketing information and orchestrate campaign execution to drive your sales forward.


Writing & design

Prompt’s writers only write. Prompt’s designers only design. Move your materials up a notch with the professional touch.

Social Media

Mixing knowledge of social media techniques with expertise in communications, get joined up PR and online marketing for your brand.



A picture says a thousand words. Use video to communicate your sales message and shorten the time to sales completion.

Other services

Customer reference programmes, Website design and delivery, Flash games, gap analysis, product planning, sales analysis, ask and ye shall receive.