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May 23rd, 2014

The benefits of good press coverage and how to get it

The benefits of good press coverage and how to get it

Here at Prompt PR, one of our core objectives for our clients is securing stellar press coverage. Whether it’s a two-page spread in the print (and online) edition of SC Magazine, influential fintech commentary on the Wall Street Journal or file transfer thought leadership in Storage Networking Solutions Europe, the value of a good media hit is immeasurable (unless of course, you’re still in the dark ages calculating AVEs…).

Scoring visibility in large-scale national press, like our clients have seen in USA Today, NBC News or The Drum, brings unparalleled levels of exposure and as such it’s important to keep a constant eye on the press. Always keep your wheels turning: What’s newsworthy right now? What can I add to the conversation?

While big national media attention is great, sometimes the vertical press is the biggest bang for your buck. When it comes to sales conversion, getting your company’s message – and wherever possible, your thought leadership and expertise – in front of a highly targeted audience is tremendous. Are you in the business of hospitality technology? Then contributing to a highly relevant piece in Eastern Hotelier, or offering industry tips in Hotel Management, is probably right up your alley – or should be.

If any of the coverage above has you feeling a pang of jealousy, get in touch! We’d love to help you secure opportunities and hard-hitting results. Reach us at boston@prompt-pr.com or london@prompt-pr.com.

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May 2nd, 2014

LinkedIn’s 300 million member milestone

LinkedIn’s 300 million member milestone

Ah, social media – catch up with the latest Kardashian gossip, check the weather forecast and admire your friends’ latest selfies. However, more people than ever are now also using social media as a serious channel for enhancing their career and job prospects.

LinkedIn, the networking site for professionals, affirmed its place as one of the heavyweights of serious social media with last week’s announcement that it had reached 300 million members. While this figure still lags substantially behind Facebook with its 1.2 billion monthly users, LinkedIn has certainly witnessed a dramatic increase in popularity of late, with 208 million users signing up in the last two years alone.

LinkedIn’s ambitions run deep. On reaching the 300 million milestone, the company’s senior vice president Deep Nishar wrote: “While this is an exciting moment, we still have a long way to go to realize our vision of creating economic opportunity for every one of the 3.3 billion people in the global workforce”. The key to LinkedIn’s continued success is, as the company’s CEO Jeff Weiner acknowledges, finding new sources of growth. Crucially, LinkedIn is the only major US social media site not blocked in China, and the company is already in the process of launching a new test site in that territory. The potential for growth there is huge; China is the world’s largest internet market with more than 500 million internet users.

Another major goal for LinkedIn is expanding the platform’s use on mobile devices. Almost a quarter of the company’s traffic already comes from mobile, and this figure is set to boom. “Later this year, we are going to hit our mobile moment, when mobile accounts for more than 50 percent of all global traffic,” Nishar wrote. “Already, our members in dozens of locations including Costa Rica, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom use LinkedIn more on their mobile devices than on their desktop computers. Every day we see an average of 15 million profile views, 1.45 million job views and 44,000 job applications in over 200 countries through mobile.”

With its global aspirations and ambitious leadership, it appears that LinkedIn’s own prospects really are looking as promising as those of its 300 million members.

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