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September 3rd, 2014


Five things you may not know about the German media

Five things you may not know about the German media

Newspapers#1           Germans published the world’s first newspaper

In 1605, Johann Carolus from Strasbourg (then part of the German Empire) published the first newspaper titled ‘Relation’, which included news from all over the world. About four decades later another German, Timotheus Ritzsch, a printer from Leipzig, published with ‘Einkommende Zeitungen’ the first daily newspaper, which was issued six or seven times each week.

#2          For centuries, it was the country with the largest number of newspapers

Until the Nazis came into power in 1933, Germany was the country of the largest number of newspapers. Of the 4,700 newspapers published in Germany before the Third Reich, no more than 1,100 remained after World War II.

#3           It has one of the largest selections of newspapers

Germany offers the widest variety of newspapers in Europe: With 329 daily newspapers, Germany supplies a larger variety of papers than any other European country. Spain offers 130 newspapers, followed by Italy (97 newspapers) and the UK (95 newspapers).

#4           It has the world’s tightest newspaper dealer network

With 1.4 newspaper sellers per 1,000 people, Germany hast the tightest network of dealers in the world. In addition, over 400 sales outlets at airports and train stations make German and international publications available to travelers.

#5           The German press is (mostly) privately owned

Compared to many other countries such as the US or the UK, most of the German press is privately and family-owned. Axel Springer AG, one of the largest newspaper publishing companies in Europe, and Bertelsmann, one of the world’s largest media companies, are still in private hands.


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June 23rd, 2014


Securing press coverage: Media results for file transfer

Securing press coverage: Media results for file transfer

Over the past couple of years we’ve had the pleasure of working as part of the team for file transfer specialist vendor Ipswitch File Transfer. 

vault door secure file transfer blog post We’ve achieved a pace and volume of coverage and results for this client, Ipswitch File Transfer, that we’re proud of – that have supported the division’s sales, and driven the business forward in both UK and DACH regions.  We developed a PR plan consisting of press releases, thought leadership articles, case studies, web copy, events, and helped to launch an international customer reference programme to align with sales goals and wider businesses strategies.

From media alerts, to opinion piecesand social media, we have a proven track record when it comes to generating great thought provoking copy and securing coverage in top trade titles such as Computer Weekly, SC Magazine, Computing, and IT for CEOs.

As well as coverage in UK press, we’ve placed a number of news articles, and opinion pieces in DACH publications including iMittelstand, entwickler, IT Daily, and IP Insider to name a few. Wunderbar!

Customer Reference Programme

Prompt was instrumental in helping this file transfer client to launch an international customer comms programme.  We’ve dealt directly with the end users, resellers and distributors to produce relevant and timely releases, case studies and create marketing collateral.  Ipswitch has clients across UK and DACH regions that they secure file transfers for in the government, healthcare and financial industries such as NHS Wales, Cambridgeshire County Council, Transport for London, Capita TDS and German manufacturer Lantiq.  These studies have been featured in target publications including Government and Public Sector Journal, IT Pro Portal, and Channel Biz.  

Event Management
Events are expensive – so whenever you’re at an event you want to be maximizing your time, budget and efforts with great PR. For this client we attended and ran PR for Infosecurity 2013 and Infosecurity 2014 – we organised and supervised press briefings, handled prospects at the booth, created briefing documents, ensured the web portal was kept up to date with all the latest company news and completed an in-person survey on the show floor.  We designed and ran an industry survey, created press releases, opinion pieces and a supporting infographic.The data protection survey results were also featured in Information Age, Industrial Compliance, Information Security Solutions and a number of other IT, security and compliance titles.

To find out more about Prompt PR, and how we can help align your PR to drive visibility and sales, email us on: info@prompt-pr.com

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December 9th, 2013

Hazel Butters

Media relations: Getting going when you’re an early stage company

Media relations: Getting going when you’re an early stage company

Last week we had some brilliant ‘Ten Ways’ calls and meetings with software companies and app developers. If you’re not familiar with our Ten Ways calls, it’s an offer of free consultancy time to talk about PR, media and analyst ideas relevant to your business based on our favorite webinar (you’ve guessed it) ‘Ten ways to promote your technology product, service or app’. Want to sign up? Simply click here and book an appointment.

One common media relation question I hear from start-ups and early stage companies is where to start. Picture it: you have a brilliant idea, an early stage venture and a swathe of passion and motivation to realize it, but you need to communicate it to relevant media. You look at the press out there: online, print, and broadcast press and you feel, well, overwhelmed. It’s understandable: the breadth of media, the pace it works at, the number of outlets and the volume of news can be dizzying. Though personally I think the speed, volume and pace make this the most fascinating market to work in.

Anyhow, if you are feeling media relation starter overwhelm, here’s some of my thoughts on how to gain perspective and begin:

• Align your media relations strategy very closely with your business strategy. If your strategy is to secure B2B partnerships, then speak to relevant press. If you want to sell a new product to female consumers, then target the outlets they are reading and influenced by. If you are looking for local funding, start sharing your ideas with the local business press.

• Don’t create a massive press list and just start spamming random press, or send them anything that’s blatantly promotional. These are professionals that are looking to educate, inform and entertain their audiences — give them interesting and relevant stories that will help them do just that.

• Call people. If you’re too scared to or simply don’t have the time, then buy some media calling time from a company such as Prompt which works with start-ups and works on a flexible basis to do things such as media-calling-by-the-hour.

• Be genuine. Share the reasons why you started your company, or the mission behind your organization. This is typically personal, genuine and relevant — it also helps all the people you want to communicate with to feel more engaged and to understand you better.

• Think like a reporter. Read, watch and listen to the press you want to engage with. Then think from their perspective (imagine being a reporter working in that newsroom) about which stories would be relevant to their readers, viewers or listeners.

• Have fun! We work in a fabulous, fast-paced and engaging industry — enjoy the thrill of being part of it.

Have some questions on specific media, PR, content creation, customer programs or analyst topics? Please take a few minutes and book a free call to hear our ‘Ten ways to promote your technology product, service or app’.

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June 10th, 2013


Technology PR recap: The software testing industry

Technology PR recap: The software testing industry

The final entry in Prompt’s blog series,

Prompt Technology PR Snapshot: Software Testing 

Over the past six weeks, we hope you’ve learned a lot about the software testing industry, and ways to maximize your PR efforts. We’ve walked you through the various types of press, including IT publications, business journals, and newspaper journalists. Even if it seems near impossible, there is a way to make it into your favorite publication – all it takes is the right angle.

As your company’s spokesperson, it’s your duty to protect your business’s reputational frontline and reach target audiences. Through PR, media and analyst relations, these goals are achieved, along with boosting sales revenue and industry thought leadership.

So, whether you’re a well-known global company, or a small software testing start-up, reaching the press follows the same tips as discussed in our blog over the past month. In case you missed it, Prompt has compiled them all into one free, handy download – all you need to do is fill out the form below.

Ultimately software testing makes a significant and concrete difference to customer confidence, corporate reputation and that all important bottom line. And PR should be doing just that for you too.

To speak to one of our PR consultants, please contact us today. In a short time, our expert team can discuss your specific situation and some activities that will get you traction in relevant press as a software testing thought leader.

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June 7th, 2013


Prompt Boston hosts successful ‘Office Hours’ at Venture Café

Prompt Boston hosts successful ‘Office Hours’ at Venture Café

At Prompt Boston, we’re fortunate to work near the hub of technology and innovation, with our offices being walking distance from MIT, Harvard and more. In fact, right in our office building, the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), these techies come together every Thursday night for a networking social better known as Venture Café.

Last month, Prompt CEO Hazel Butters hosted ‘Office Hours’ at Venture Café, where an array of technology start-ups stopped by to discuss future goals, technology PR strategy, thought leadership and the nature of the press with us. Meanwhile, otVenture Cafeher Prompt team members hit the event floor – with surveys in hand to ask some of the latest hard-hitting questions in tech and PR.

With Prompt specializing in media relations and press training, we thought we’d start our round of questioning by asking attendees, ‘Who is the greatest tech spokesperson of all time?’ Not surprisingly, the most popular response was the legendary Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple. Other notable mentions included Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle Corporation, and Nikola Tesla, Croatian inventor, engineer and physicist best known for his contributions to air conditioning.

Our next question was even tougher. As part of our media outreach and news pipeline creation, we’re constantly reading the latest trends and news in technology. With so many outlets in publication, it’s hard to pinpoint our all-time favorite newspaper or magazine. But we just had to ask, ‘If you were stranded on a desert island with access to only one source of technology news, what would you choose?’  The New York Times topped the list, but a slew of other well-known publications also caught our attention, including Mashable, Engadget, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, the Wall Street Journal, and perhaps the most resourceful in real-time, Twitter.

Red pencil and questionnaireWhat we really wanted to know, though, was how these technology-invested, business-minded individuals would rate themselves on their own spokesperson skills. At Prompt, we ensure our newly-acquired clients go through media training, to get company representatives press-ready and confident. Intimately, it comes down to the age-old PR question: If the Wall Street Journal called you tomorrow, would you know what to say? So we asked Venture Café guests, ‘How good of a media spokesperson do you think you are?’

Nearly two-thirds of respondents (61%) expressed an air of confidence when speaking to the press, despite the nerves that accompany such certainty. Others believed they could handle a press interview, just as long as any “trick questions” aren’t thrown into the mix.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, media training fortifies your public speaking abilities, which is crucial when jumping on the phone line with a journalist. Even seasoned speakers go through such training, to avoid any ‘oh no’ moments or damaging blunders. If you’re interested in media training, and transforming your company representatives into properly trained press spokespeople, please contact a Prompt consultant today.

Interested in attending the next Venture Café? Take a look at the upcoming event and speaker schedule – we hope to see you there!

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May 29th, 2013

Prompt Communications wins Equiso public relations account

Prompt Communications wins Equiso public relations account

Prompt Boston to lead US media relations campaign for maker of streaming, gaming and browsing SmartTV Stick

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Prompt Boston, the Massachusetts office of Prompt Communications, a public relations and digital communications agency specializing in innovative markets including high-technology and green-tech, has won a new contract with Equiso, the developer of the SmartTV Stick.

Equiso’s SmartTV Stick transforms televisions, screens and projectors into web-connected Android 4.0 devices with access to a range of popular media channels and apps, including HBO Go, Hulu, Netflix, Crackle and Vudu. Along with streaming movies, TV shows and sports, the low-cost ($78), high-quality stick gives users unrestricted access to the Google Play store, with 500,000 games and apps.

EquisoThe company is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its SmartTV Stick was launched via a Kickstarter project which received the support of nearly 3,000 backers, who collectively more than doubled the company’s initial $100,000 goal.

Prompt is a digital PR consultancy with offices in Boston, London and San Francisco. With extensive experience in high-tech, including applications, services, software and hardware, Prompt has worked with start-ups to global software and technology companies including Oracle Corporation, Capgemini and IBM.

Prompt Prompt will work to increase recognition of Equiso as the company distributes its SmartTV Stick online and increases its presence with retailers. Working with Equiso’s management team, Prompt will drive a targeted PR campaign based on media outreach and analyst relations to support and demonstrate Equiso’s sales, market position and thought leadership.

Adam McBride, CEO of Equiso, said: “Prompt’s proven record of successfully working with high-tech start-ups, coupled with its Cambridge-based office that allows for desk-next-door communications, made selecting a PR firm an easy choice. Consumers across the US are looking to cut the cable cord, and the momentum we are seeing is testimony to that. With Prompt’s PR strategy, we hope to continue reaching new audiences while transforming the future of streaming, gaming and browsing.”

Hazel Butters, CEO of Prompt, said: “Equiso has a fascinating Kickstarter background, a talented management team, and a strong, relevant product. Consumers want to access apps, the internet and new programs over their TVs – the dumb TV’s days are numbered. Equiso’s SmartTV Stick gives consumers an affordable alternative without any extra cable boxes or cords. Prompt is looking forward to driving media recognition and consumer awareness around such an innovative product.”

About Equiso
Equiso.com, Inc. is an innovator of digital media platforms that leverage the convergence of internet and entertainment. Its flagship product, the Equiso SmartTV Stick transforms televisions, screens and projectors into fully-featured web-connected Android devices with access to media channels and apps including Crackle, HBO Go, Hulu, Netflix and Vudu. The device gives users full access to the Google Play store and its 500,000 games and apps, while the affordable and intuitive open platform accelerates consumer adoption of new media by lowering barriers to access. www.equiso.com

About Prompt Communications
Prompt is a communications agency that enables marketers and entrepreneurs to increase their sales and marketing effectiveness. Specializing in innovative markets including technology and healthcare, Prompt helps clients communicate effectively and authentically with core audiences online and offline through PR, media relations, copywriting, webinars, market and industry analysis, social media, video content and customer programs. Founded in 2002, Prompt Communications has US offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts and San Francisco, California and European offices in London. Prompt’s experience includes Adeptra, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Aperture, Corizon, Dell|Compellent, Foviance, Genesys Telecommunications, IBM, Integralis, jovoto, KANA, Oracle Corporation, smartFOCUS and Webtide. www.prompt-communications.com

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May 10th, 2013


Technology PR with Prompt: An interview with Ipswitch File Transfer’s Sophie Pellissier

Technology PR with Prompt: An interview with Ipswitch File Transfer’s Sophie Pellissier

Earlier this year, Ipswitch File Transfer, a provider of trusted Managed File Transfer solutions, had the task of finding a public relations firm that would accelerate media outreach, coordinate and streamline an effective customer communications programme, and enhance the company’s thought leadership within the industry for its international region, starting with a focus in its UK and DACH markets. Ipswitch File Transfer chose Prompt to drive such momentum.  We caught up with Sophie Pellissier, Director of International Marketing for Ipswitch File Transfer, to find out what her experience of working with Prompt has been to date, and the changing role of the marketing manager. 

Thanks for working with the Prompt team!  Can you share some of reasons that made you choose Prompt for technology PR?

SP: We needed a comms team that held a firm understanding of the IT industry and one that could accurately grasp the types of services we provide and Prompt proved to deliver with over a decade of experience working with high tech clients. Being a global company, we also sought an agency with international expertise to help cater to the EMEA, APAC and Latin America regions. With offices in the US and the UK, and native German speaking consultants, it was clear to us that Prompt was the perfect fit.

You’re still in the first quarter of your new contract with Prompt – what’s it been like?

SP: Right from the start, Prompt quickly jumped on board, suggesting activities and driving a PR plan that consisted of press releases, bylined articles, media pitching, case studies, and the launch of an international customer communication programme and more. They introduced great ideas, pace and momentum –  they’re strong and skilled across the board: copywriting, generating ideas, story communicating with customers, coming up with ideas, pitching and securing opportunities. They’ve been a great addition to our team. I know they have my back.

What are some of the challenges facing international marketing managers today?

SP: Every marketing manager, whether local or global, faces a challenging competitive landscape and has to work quickly and effectively to meet timely news and trends.  The number of communications channels available demands careful planning of how to approach different audiences, and prioritize activities in line with the overall business objectives. As an international marketing director, you face all those challenges, and you have to take into account varying political and legal policies, along with differing customs and culture. You need a good support team, which is why I work with Prompt.

For more information on Ipswitch File Transfer, please visit the company’s website. If you’d like to discuss maximising your own PR efforts, please contact a Prompt consultant at info@prompt-communications.com or (US) +1 617 401 2717, (UK) +44 20 8 996 1650. 

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