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March 2nd, 2015

The Prompt Byte – Rising Stars: Riskified

The Prompt Byte – Rising Stars: Riskified

Working in technology hubs on either side of the pond, at Prompt we’re always keen to get to know more about the innovators on our doorsteps in Boston and London. Each week, we’ll interview a local startup to learn more about technology and inspiration that can be found at home.

We caught up with Andy Freedman of Riskified; a company dedicated to eliminating the security risks and inefficiencies in the world of eCommerce. The Israeli startup has recently opened a new Boston office and we’re here to find out why.

  1. Tell us a bit about what Riskified is all about and how it got started. Riskified is an end-to-end risk management solution. We help more than 2,000 eCommerce merchants to prevent online fraud by reviewing, approving and guaranteeing their orders. We launched Riskified with a goal to build the world’s best eCommerce fraud team. We stop online fraudsters and allow merchants to focus on growing their business without fear of fraud.
  1. What does innovation mean to you? 
Innovation is the ongoing process of solving real customer pain. It involves endless iteration, learning by doing, and constantly validating your product or service by maintaining an active conversation with customers.
  2. Why is Boston such a hotbed for innovation? 
As an Israeli startup opening our first US offices in Boston, there are several similarities between our two vibrant startup communities. As well as boasting a wealth of talent, Israel and Boston also share a sense of passion and pride for their local ecosystem. Each community seizes every opportunity to collaborate, rejoice in success and be vocal advocates for startups on a global scale.
  3. Do you have any concerns about Boston’s growth and innovation culture?
I think it is natural to fear that successful Boston startups will be lured away into other markets on the promise of greater exposure and financial gains. However I believe that a key driver for the incredible growth we are seeing in Boston is a shared sense of pride in making Boston a global powerhouse across a wide-range of industries.
  4. What are some of the trends and challenges you’ve seen in the Boston tech scene?
Having spent time living in both Palo Alto and Tel Aviv it has been fun to watch Boston’s emergence as a consumer technology powerhouse, alongside traditionally strong industries like SaaS, biotech and robotics. I look forward to seeing Boston continue to attract tech companies of all stages from other global communities – like Israel, Europe and Asia – and continue to expand our international reputation.
  5. If you weren’t based in Boston which city and/or country would you want to be based in and why?
I may be a bit biased but Tel Aviv, hands down. Despite the massive weather upgrade (it will be in the 70s and sunny all next week), the number of game-changing products and services being built in such a small country is inspiring to be around.
  6. Name a piece of technology you’ve bought personally that you love – either recently or in the past – and why you bought it. 
I finally started using my Cuisinart Food Processor that was given to me as a wedding present almost 4 years ago. Now I’m addicted. I’m looking for any recipes to try, so if you’re reading this and have any suggestions, I’m all ears!

To learn more about Riskified, browse their site or follow them on Twitter.

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February 6th, 2015

The Prompt Byte: Rising stars – Usability 24/7

The Prompt Byte: Rising stars – Usability 24/7

Working in technology hubs on both side of the Atlantic, we’re always keen to know more about the innovators on our doorsteps in Boston and London. Each week in our newsletter – The Prompt Byte – we interview a local startup to learn more about technology and inspiration that can be found at home.

This week, we garnered some great insights from Paul Blunden, creator of Usability 24/7 – a UK-based innovator revolutionizing multi-platform user experience. Get in touch with them on Twitter at @Usability247.

  1. What does innovation mean to you?

Innovation is all about improvement. In some instances it means being brave enough to challenge the system. In others, it involves painstaking work to bring about incremental gains that result in positive change. It can be the work of one person or a team collaborating. It may not be a lightning bolt moment, but instead something seemingly trivial that still brings about a positive change. In the age in which we live technology is very exciting, but it is not the limit of innovation. In my view process innovation can be just as rewarding.

  1. Please tell us about Usability24/7’s vision.

Our vision is to change the world one interface at a time (if we have to). We want everything to be usable everywhere, for everyone all of the time. If we achieve this then it will be better for businesses and better for consumers. No one has ever disputed the ROI of user experience (UX) and usability research with me. In fact, most agree that it’s a good thing. And yet not all companies invest in it. I set up Usability24/7 to address this contradiction. In order to achieve our vision we are building an international network of senior, experienced UX researchers accredited to our quality standards. We are making sure that they are familiar with our methodologies, all of which have been designed to be repeatable so that outcomes are not entirely determined by those conducting the research. We’re structuring our services in a pragmatic way so that our customers don’t feel that they are paying for things they don’t need. We have invested in technologies to allow us to conduct research with almost any device in almost any location, and then stream that research to the client wherever they may be. If the client doesn’t want a report then that’s fine; we simply provide a verbal debrief instead. It’s all about being customer-centric and delivering services that are easier to understand and buy, while at the same time ensuring that the value in the deliverable is clear for the client.

  1. What do you predict or look forward to in 2015 with regards to London’s innovation culture?

It’s a really exciting time for London. We’re attracting talented people and combining that talent pool with investment capital and facilities. Incubators and hubs like the Google Campus are providing an environment where people can get together and develop their ideas. The job market for graduates is tough but I think that may drive innovation too. Young people, who can often be more fearless around innovation, strive for opportunities for work experience, and work harder to get their ideas off the ground. Major technology brands are injecting greater funds into the digital industry and driving individuals and organisations to be more innovative. This enables places like the Flux Innovation Lounge, which is genuinely driving innovation, to exist at all. Ten years ago these levels of financial investment simply weren’t available from big brands, and so the scale of innovation was different and the culture more constrained.


  1. What trends and challenges have you seen in the London technology scene?

A slightly worrying trend I have seen over the past few years is that in some areas innovation and design seems to have become disconnected with users. UX designers are increasingly expected to act as proxy for understanding the user, but not everyone is Jonathan Ive! This is a major challenge because as mobile adoption has increased our understanding of user behaviour struggles to keep pace. Users, consumers, customers – whatever we want to call them – are using technology in ways that we don’t fully understand. For example, users complete activities across smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops, often using all devices to complete a single task. Technology is not designed to track that diversity of horizontal behaviour, and is generally more suited to vertical action. This situation is going to become more complicated with the arrival of wearable technology into the main stream (think Michael Gove’s smartwatch), swiftly followed by different interface and display metaphors. All this in addition to putting remote drones in the hands of the public at large! With so much innovation and new technology reaching consumers, ensuring that it supports user behaviour is a major challenge. It can make or break an idea, however good that idea is. Innovators need to find new ways to understand users, get their ideas tested, and not be put off by failure.

  1. If you could meet any single innovator (alive or historical) over a coffee, who would you like to meet? What would you ask them or tell them about?

I’d like to meet Sir Ken Robinson, an innovator in the area of creativity in business and in education. I think he has answered almost every question I have about how we can help people be more creative so I would simply tell him what a profound impact he has had on me and the way I think about myself, run my business, motivate my colleagues and bring up my children.

  1. Please name a piece of technology you’ve bought personally that you really wanted, and why you bought it.

I’d prefer to talk about a number of pieces of usability technology which together fix a big problem in mobile research. It took me months to identify all the elements and work out how to use them together, but what they do is enable us to intelligently research people using mobile phones. The only alternative methods available previously involved attaching a camera to a phone or a person, and then have a researcher lean over the shoulder of the participant. Either that or use a software solution like Reflector which often proved unreliable over wireless networks. The new technology I’ve assembled now allows me to display the screen of a mobile phone on a test laptop which a researcher can see easily. We can then record and even stream the results to clients viewing remotely. It has literally changed the way in which we work, and it’s brilliant.

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December 12th, 2014

The Prompt Byte: Rising stars – Fund Wisdom

The Prompt Byte: Rising stars – Fund Wisdom

Photo of golden star with light bulbs on red velvet curtain on stageWorking in technology hubs on both side of the Atlantic, we’re always keen to know more about the innovators on our doorsteps in Boston and London. Each week in our newsletter – The Prompt Byte – we interview a local startup to learn more about technology and inspiration that can be found at home.

Today, we talk with Brian Thopsey of Boston-based company Fund Wisdom, a company that connects investors and entrepreneurs with financial wisdom and investment opportunities from platforms like AngelList, SeedInvest, WeFunder and more.

Tell us a bit about Fund Wisdom and how it got started. 

I always wanted to create a successful business and as I began building I learned the difficulties entrepreneurs faced accessing capital. I wished there was a company like Fund Wisdom, a place that connects investors and entrepreneurs with the financial know-how they need. So I found team members like Renato Francia Castillo, Kyle Austin of Beantown Media Ventures, Devin Basinger of Accenture, along with several other advisors and created it.

Fund Wisdom connects investors and entrepreneurs with financial wisdom. We provide investment opportunities, access to capital, and the insight needed to succeed, saving you time and money. Two things you could always use investing and raising money.

The Fund Wisdom team is made up of financial and technology professionals. We bring years of experience in business technology, financial engineering, and early-state capital formation to our clients. We believe we can improve the investment process and bring transparency to the market, providing insight to both investors and entrepreneurs 

What does innovation mean to you?

Innovation is ‘the grind’ – the countless hours entrepreneurs put in to disrupt existing business. These acts of immense effort by teams of incredibly passionate people make life better and improve society as a whole. Now when I discover inventive products and solutions I obsess over how they came to be. Books like ‘The Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz’ and ‘Founders at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days’ by Jessica Livingston describe the grind and what it takes to come out alive. We believe we can bring innovative approaches to financial markets, but understand the only way we will succeed is through dedication to our vision.

Why is New England such a hotbed for innovation?

The top schools, thinkers, dreamers, and investors are in New England. In fact, Massachusetts is the second most venture-funded state in the US. This must be why we see so many awesome companies, and new entrepreneurial resources being created. Companies like Wayfair, Acquia, Adharmonics have been achieving incredible results. Offices for startups are popping up everywhere, like NGIN Workplace where we currently work, and incubator programs like MassChallenge and FinTech Sandbox spur this success. I’m proud to have spent my professional career in the greater Boston area. I feel lucky to be in this incredible place that fosters innovation.

Do you have any concerns about New England’s growth and innovation culture?

Competing for talent with the West Coast has and continues to be a concern. I believe the community at large is shifting to improve the region’s competitiveness, but still has a way to go. We are having success attracting bright experienced students to our internship programs, but I am concerned as we grow and need to hire more full time employees.

What are some of the trends and challenges you’ve seen in the New England tech scene?

We cover four firms currently raising money publicly online, two in Massachusetts, one in New Hampshire and one in Maine. In the short period of time we have been covering the industry we have seen two firms in Massachusetts exceed their goals and successfully raise capital.

If you weren’t based in New England, which city would you want to be based in and why?

San Francisco due to its concentration of technology firms, amount of venture investment, and equity funding platforms. The idea of improving our proximity to these firms is attractive, but we feel lucky to be located in Boston and have no intentions to leave.

Name a piece of technology you’ve bought personally that you love and why you bought it. 

Targeted online advertising platforms. I am surprised by the results from the targeted advertising through search engines, Twitter, and Facebook that we have run. We are targeting accredited investors, or high net worth individuals which I assumed would be very expensive to acquire, and are getting some to sign up with a tiny budget.

Would you like to be our next rising star? Get in touch with us at info@prompt-pr.com!


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July 1st, 2013

Boston technology PR team ponders: How to ‘connect the lots’ at CIC …

Boston technology PR team ponders: How to ‘connect the lots’ at CIC …

Cambridge Innovation Center has recently expanded its business location, One Broadway, to a new building on 101 Main Street, just around the corner.

The technology PR team at Prompt Boston used to be based in the old building at One Broadway, but we can’t resist the lure of a new, shiny building, not to mention an amazing 14th-floor view of the Boston skyline and the Charles River (see below).  Plus, we’ll be back in close proximity to some of the amazingly talented individuals and brilliant companies that we got to know while they were based in our old building.

Boston view

Earlier this week, while we were making the increasingly frequent trip between One Broadway to 101 Broadway, we got to thinking: seeing that the CIC community is all about innovation, what are the most innovative ways that the two buildings could be connected? Zipline? Secret underground passageway?

We’re open to suggestions, and the person who comes up with the most fun suggestion wins a $50 voucher to one of the eateries* we pass on our Broadway-101 commute (I say commute, it’s about 200 paces). You can add your suggestion to our Facebook page, or tweet it to us at @PromptBoston with the hashtag #CICwalkway.

* So that’s Dunkin Donuts or Firebrand Saints!

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June 25th, 2013

Technology PR Viewpoint: Around the technology world in 80 days – Day #5: Trier, Germany

Technology PR Viewpoint: Around the technology world in 80 days – Day #5: Trier, Germany

With rucksacks full of travel rations and well-connected mobile devices following our stint in Luxembourg, we definitely looked the part as we joined the throngs of InterRailers heading across the border. Founded in 16 BC Trier is the oldest city in Germany, and home to the University of Trier since 1473. Germany’s renowned network of universities and scientific state institutions, such as the Max Planck Society and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, are the buzzing incubators of raw scientific and technology talent that drive the German high-tech industry.

Historic inspiration is never far away if you’re a science student in Germany. In fact it must be pretty overwhelming. Johannes Gutenburg gave us the printing press, Hans Geiger measured radiation, Einstein, Planck, Born, Fuchs, Heisenberg and others reinvented physics, Karl Benz designed the modern motor car, Konrad Zuse built the Z-series of programmable computers, Heinrich Hertz discovered electromagnetic radio waves, Erhard Kietz stabilised video signals, Ralph Baer is seen by many as the father of video games consoles, Karlheinz Brandenburg invented the MP3 audio format. Then throw the likes of Fahrenheit, Bosch, Mach, Daimler, Wankel, Zeppelin, Bunsen, Ritter, Junkers, Doppler, Kessler and Reis into the crucible too.

The dominant player in German telecommunications and internet service provision today is Deutsche Telekom, a massive firm that also has significant operations in the US and most European countries with its T-Mobile and T-Online brands. Siemens is still a big noise in communications, electronics and renewables, although sales and restructuring have seen it dip in and out of a number of high-tech markets over the last five years, notably selling its IT Solutions and Services division to Atos. But probably the most notable German technology provider for any readers working in enterprise business must be SAP, the ERP and data warehousing specialist headquartered in Walldorf.

We fail to find an apple, walnut and celery salad at SAP’s HQ, then head for Switzerland!


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January 15th, 2013

Why your business should hire a Cambridge teenager in 2013

Why your business should hire a Cambridge teenager in 2013

Here at Prompt we’re all big fans of innovation, of being active in our community, and of all the opportunities that are created when innovation and communities come together.

Yours truly with Dr. Jeffrey Young and Cambridge City's Mayor Henrietta Davis

Yours truly with Dr. Jeffrey Young and Cambridge City’s Mayor Henrietta Davis

At our @PromptBoston office, overlooking the Boston skyline from the inspiring Cambridge Innovation Center, being part of a community expands beyond the scope of our own building to the broader Cambridge community. This manifests itself in many ways, one of which includes our support of Cambridge youth projects, including the Cambridge Challenge. This multi-year initiative led by the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce’s Community Outreach Committee, brings businesses and youth together. Just last week we were invited by the Cambridge Challenge to a guest reception, where we were able to meet Cambridge City’s Mayor Henrietta Davis, as well as Cambridge Schools Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Young.

CIC’s Tim Rowe greeted everyone at the event, including companies and organizations like us that had recruited Cambridge teenagers over the previous year, as well as representatives from the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce. Tim then introduced Mayor Davis who explained how being introduced to business at an early age – particularly in Cambridge’s hotbed of science, technology, engineering and mathematics – can really give teenagers a feel for what is possible in life. The Mayor’s comments were complemented by thoughts from Jeffrey Young who talked about the immeasurable gains for youngsters participating in programs such as the Cambridge Challenge, as well as the many benefits for the businesses involved. From Prompt’s experience of working for a number of years with local Cambridge teenagers, we couldn’t agree more.

One of the talking points that really resonated with me personally was the broader opportunity for the Cambridge community. Working at this unique confluence of world-leading universities – including MIT and Harvard – businesses with cutting-edge technologies have a huge opportunity to make a real difference in teenager’s lives; inspiring and shaping them for the challenges that lie ahead.

It’s not the first year that @PromptBoston has been involved in the Cambridge Youth employment program, and it certainly won’t be our last.  We encourage other companies – within the CIC and in the wider area – to really participate in this. You can sign up by emailing teenjobs@cambridgema.gov

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January 10th, 2013

Mass Innovation Nights: #MIN46 and its ‘Innovation Optimists’

Mass Innovation Nights: #MIN46 and its ‘Innovation Optimists’

The human drive to innovate overwhelms me.  I’m reminded of this most days, as I have the luxury of working with technology enthusiasts, those driving startups — the people I see as innovation optimists (because you have to not only come up with the idea, but have to have the passion, enthusiasm and belief in it as well).

Prompt Communications Lightbulb earthLast night, PromptBoston attended the latest Mass Innovation Night, #MIN46, at the IBM Innovation Center in Waltham.  Run by the brilliant Bobbie Carlton, a woman who is unafraid to use a bullhorn, this is a chance to meet, speak and hear from a range of innovators – and is a key part of the New England innovation community. Some of the highlights from last night’s MIN event include, in alphabetical order:

Amico Bracelets: Startup Trovare Inc. has enhanced the way society connects in real-time, face-to-face interactions — all through tech-powered, silicone Amico Bracelets. Along with being quite the fashion statement for techies, Amico Bracelets are completely touch-based and come in several different colors. A user simply downloads the Amico app, connects it to his or her bracelet and social media accounts, and the device will blink or vibrate once others with the same interests and hobbies are nearby. The bracelet overcomes any shyness or fear of rejection when reaching out to new contacts — the perfect accessory for those who want to network and be stylish at the same time.

Cleverhood: Based in Massachusetts’ neighboring state of Rhode Island, Cleverhood aims to bring together style and sustainability in a smart-looking, durable rain cape. At $239 apiece, more than 400 Cleverhood cloaks have been sold since April. The ponchos, which are designed, produced and manufactured in the US, strive to promote walking and biking as a means of transportation — reducing pollution and heavy traffic flow stemming from automobile use. Last night, founder Susan Mocarski admitted the idea stemmed from her aggravation in hoarding women’s rainwear and yet having nothing practical to wear to face the elements — and we whole-heartedly relate!

Urvideoprofile: Hiring a caregiver for a loved one is difficult — especially when making the decision solely from a paper resume. With this idea in mind, Urvideoprofile created a safe, online video platform, where applicants can log in, create a brief video profile explaining their experience, and interact with families looking for homecare, childcare, nannies and more. The local invention seems a perfect fit for today’s society, in a world that relies heavily on technology and visual aid.

ViralGains: This Cambridge-based startup is redefining video marketing. ViralGains is an ad technology company with a focus in viral video advertising. ViralGains’ co-founder Kate Willett, explained to MIN attendees how ViralGains’ platform is built on social syndication, or people-powered placements. Willett highlights the fact that people are 90 percent more likely to watch a video if it has been recommended or shared by a friend through social media. From there, people who share the video are five times more likely to purchase your product. Current clients for this brilliant startup include Pepsi, Sears and Life is Good — all investing in the integration of social media and video. By creating this online strategy, companies can maximize views on videos, at a low cost.

Along with meeting great people, we also left the event with some treats, including UNREAL candy samples from CandyUnjunked (yum). We’re looking forward to the next Mass Innovation Night, and seeing even more innovation optimists take the stage to showcase such great local talent.

For more information on the events, be sure to visit the Innovation Night website. Also, to view Bobbie’s take on the event, read her blog post here – thanks for including us in the round-up, Bobbie!

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October 30th, 2012

Poll: Which tablet is most innovative?

Poll: Which tablet is most innovative?

Yesterday, we wrote a blog post on innovation in Massachusetts.  As a high-tech media relations and copywriting agency, we are constantly interested in learning about the latest tech gadgets.  This poll below highlights some of today’s top tablets on the market.  Which do you think is most innovative?

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October 29th, 2012

Recap: Innovation Week — Boston, Massachusetts

Recap: Innovation Week — Boston, Massachusetts

With offices in Boston, San Francisco, and London, every Prompt team member is always interested in what is going on in the local community.  The Boston office, located in Cambridge’s Kendall Square, is also eager to attend local events and keep up with the happenings around the area.  The past seven days proved to be no different when Deval Patrick, governor of Massachusetts declared the week (Oct. 22-26) Innovation Week.

Innovation Week, an idea adapted by the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, fuses several simultaneous vents together to create an ‘experience larger than sum of its parts’.  Boston’s Innovation Week played on the city’s influential technology and innovation community with eight conferences and events in total: MITX FutureM conference; MassChallenge 2012 Awards Ceremony; EU-US eHealth Marketplace; EmTech MIT; Boston Region Entrepreneurship Week (BREW); Xconomy Forum: The Future of Big Data; Tie Boston’s Best Practices on Global Innovation; and UMASS Boston’s IDEAS Boston.

Innovation plays a big part in the Massachusetts culture, with history dating back to the Industrial Revolution (learn more at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation), and now with heavy influence by new businesses, start-ups, research and development, and inspiring entrepreneurs.  Massachusetts recently ranked number one for entrepreneurship in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln State Entreprenuership Index survey, for the second year in a row.  Among the ever-expanding businesses in Massachusetts (according to Kendall Square’s Entrepreneur Walk of Fame, the area has five times more startups per square mile than any other location) many of the colleges in the area also consider entrepreneurship a course of study, including Babson College and Northeastern University.

What are your thoughts on innovation in your local community?  Are there some really innovative companies you know of that deserve a mention?  Tweet them to us at @PromptBoston and @PromptLondon.

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August 9th, 2012

Prompt begins work with The Big Studio

Prompt begins work with The Big Studio

While Prompt is known for working with clients all around the world – from Los Angeles to the Middle East – we also enjoy collaborating with clients who are located in the same neighborhood; and our newest client is no exception.

Prompt Communications wins account with The Big StudioThe Big Studio, located in the same Kendall Square neighborhood as Prompt Boston, is an innovative consulting group that helps companies use digital, web, and mobile technologies to generate fresh ideas, drive product innovation and meet business goals. The Big Studio and its hand-picked team have worked with Fortune 500 companies, leading brands and household names.

Prompt will work with The Big Studio on a US public and media relations program including a highly focused media outreach campaign, content creation, and social media support.

The Big Studio’s co-founder, Robert Gauvin, said: “We searched for a public relations firm that would understand the style of innovative, outside-of-the-box services we offer, and after high-quality recommendations, we found our solution with Prompt. This team is collaborative and eager to grasp the concept of design-thinking, even hosting numerous face-to-face brainstorm sessions itself. We’re confident that its experience in technology, along with its professionalism and enthusiasm, will help The Big Studio to deliver its message of true innovation.”

The Prompt Boston team is excited to be working with a company that provides and delivers on such a non-traditional business offering, and has already begun working with top-name press on coverage and editorial opportunities.

For more information on Prompt winning The Big Studio, read the entire press release here. And to learn how Prompt Communications can increase your company’s public visibility, email info@prompt-communications.com.

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October 25th, 2011

Of course they did: MIT develops radar to see through walls

Of course they did: MIT develops radar to see through walls

At some point we’ve all thought about having super powers. If not as a child, then as an adult – namely the ability to make all your work disappear. I’ve always wanted to be invisible. That seemed unique enough that you wouldn’t find it being mass developed in my life time, unlike a power such as x-ray vision. And thanks to MIT, the most difficult aspect of x-ray vision, seeing through walls, appears to have been overcome.

Researchers at the Lincoln Laboratory have developed new technology, for use primarily in urban combat situations that will allow users to see through walls. Surprisingly, getting the radar to transmit through the walls was not the most difficult part. Instead, making sure the images that came back from the transmission were seen in real-time was the biggest challenge. But thanks to some intelligent filtering, images are now coming through at an acceptable 10.8 frames per second.

Essentially, through computers hooked up to the radar rigs, the device is able to filter out the signals that come back showing the wall and only display the moving objects behind it. Even if a person is standing still, their body is moving slightly and the radar waves will be powerful enough to pick up any movement, up to 60 feet away.

Even though the team behind the technology stated its main use is for urban combat areas, it could potentially be used by emergency response teams. With such advances its only a matter of time before a working invisibility suit comes out and all our childhood super hero dreams come true.

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April 26th, 2011

Prompt Communications wins The Refinishing Touch customer communications program

Prompt Communications wins The Refinishing Touch customer communications program

– Prompt selected to tackle customer program from development up; Scope extended to engage end users with new customer-focused communications program –

Boston, MA – April 26, 2011Prompt Communications, a PR and communications agency specializing in innovative markets including sustainability, technology and healthcare has secured a new contract to lead a customer communications program for The Refinishing Touch.

The Refinishing Touch is a leader in on-site environmentally safe and sustainable furniture refinishing, re-upholstering and armoire modification for private and public organizations including Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Marriott, the US Executive Office of the President and the US Department of Defense. With more than 20,000 customers across the hospitality, government and university section and year-on-year growth, The Refinishing Touch is ramping up its customer communications to include a customer newsletter, written and video customer case studies, guest spots on its corporate blog, and speaking opportunities, as well as other customer-facing PR endorsements.

Ryan Riopko, Marketing Director for The Refinishing Touch explained: “We’ve been working with Prompt for three years on public and media relations, during which time we’ve seen great results and strong engagement with the press that matters most to our business. So it was a natural progression for us to extend our full customer program to the team to promote new and exciting opportunities for us to engage with our customers.”

The company first engaged with Prompt in 2007 to build a corporate blog presence, lead corporate messaging efforts and reach each of its core industries; government, education and hospitality.  Since beginning with the agency, The Refinishing Touch has seen direct evidence of the program’s success including coverage achieved in top tier titles and outlets including The Wall Street Journal and The Discovery Channel. Additionally, consistent coverage has been achieved in core trade press including Green Lodging News, Hotel Business, Hotel & Motel Management, Defense Communities and Military Club & Hospitality and an increase in web traffic through its corporate blog driven to www.therefinishingtouch.com via the regularity and relevance of blog postings.

The full program scope now includes highly targeted PR and media relations and continued blog program support to guide and drive corporate messaging, along with copywriting for corporate content development including bylined articles, case studies and press releases. Prompt worked to tailor the program to meet the specific needs of The Refinishing Touch, utilizing a blend of both traditional and non-traditional outreach, designed to gain and maintain visibility across expanding media.

“Prompt has worked tirelessly with our marketing team, to develop and maintain a communications program to maximize our exposure in the media, and get us in front of the people most crucial to our business,” said Mario Insenga, President of The Refinishing Touch. “The team itself is made up of creative, out-of-the-box thinkers – each of whom has shown that they are extremely hard-working and willing to push hard to help our company reach the next level. Our marketing team not only enjoys working with the team at Prompt, but can always count on them to be on-the-ball and acting as an extension of our own team.”

Prompt’s CEO, Hazel Butters, said: “Working with The Refinishing Touch has been an absolute pleasure these past three years, so we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the team on this new program – under Mario’s management the company has the great blend of vision and authenticity which lends itself to great communications messages and programs. We look forward to launching this program and celebrating further results with the team at The Refinishing Touch.”

For more information about Prompt, visit http://www.prompt-communciations.com today or email info@prompt-communications.com to schedule a free PR consultation with members of its Pan-European or US-based teams today.

Twitter: @PromptLondon and @PromptBoston

Blog: http://www.prompt-the-crowd.com/blog

Newsletter: http://www.prompt-the-crowd.com/newsletter-sign-up/

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