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March 10th, 2016

Crowdfunding Campaign PR: An Interview with Mitch Rosenberg, KinderLab Robotics

Crowdfunding Campaign PR: An Interview with Mitch Rosenberg, KinderLab Robotics

Mitch Rosenberg is the CEO and co-founder of KinderLab Robotics – a Boston-based company that’s created a developmentally-appropriate robot kit, KIBO, to help teach programming concepts to four- to seven year olds.

KIBO was funded on Kickstarter. We worked with the KinderLab Robotics team on crowdfunding content, blog content, social media content and working with the press to secure briefings and coverage with The New York TimesForbesBoing BoingGizmag,BostInnoBoston Business Journal and more.

KinderLab Robotics continues to work with the team at Prompt to share its vision, growth and successes.

We sat down with CEO and co-founder Mitch Rosenberg to talk a bit about his experience. See what he had to say about us below.

Why did you work with Prompt?

Mitch Rosenberg: Well, I went to a lot of firms in the Boston area. When we founded our company, we knew we were going to get it moving via Kickstarter. I asked many of the firms that are well-known in the area if they would sign up to help us publicize that Kickstarter, and most of them said no.

In contrast, Prompt came up with a very effective and creative approach for publicizing our company and a very creative way of financing it so we could afford it even as an early startup.  Because Prompt was unique in its ability to provide support for Kickstarter, we felt that it was a great fit for us.

So, we chose Prompt because it demonstrated a results-based program that was specifically designed for crowdfunding-based campaigns. Prompt worked with us on our successful Kickstarter campaign, and gave us valuable advice about our target audiences, helped us work with the press and created excellent copywriting. The Prompt team has a strong process, works methodically, and delivers results.

What results have you seen from working with Prompt?

Mitch: Working with Prompt, we have been featured in articles in The New York Times (more than once), Forbes, The Huffington Post, and many other local and radio media outlets and we’re very happy with the results.

And in addition to the media side, the Prompt team was instrumental in creating a social media presence for us that resulted in a wide variety of inquiries and sales. In summary, the results have been both prolific and business meaningful for us. We’ve gotten a lot of business because of our marketing with Prompt.

What has your experience been working with Prompt?

Mitch: The process working with Prompt has been really professional and fun. We have regular meetings, Prompt supplies us with a dashboard of statistics of how the various projects that we’re working on are fairing and we’re really happy with both the tone and results of working with Prompt.

Would you recommend Prompt?

Mitch: We highly recommend Prompt – especially for young and fast growing startups. But also for any innovative companies looking to make their presence known in the marketplaces they’re doing business in.

Interested in ensuring your crowdfunding campaign’s success? Check out our Crowdfunding Success 60-Day Program which leads you step-by-step on how we set up, run, manage and publicize crowdfunding campaigns.

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June 19th, 2014

Kickstarter PR: KinderLab Robotics hits crowdfunding goal

Kickstarter PR: KinderLab Robotics hits crowdfunding goal

Kickstarter PR

KinderLab Robotics’ KIBO

Kickstarter campaigns. Like so many PR campaigns, these are not sprints, they are marathons.

This week KinderLab Robotics, a Prompt PR client, reached and exceeded its Kickstarter goal.

Since Kickstarter launched in 2009, interest in the site has grown. And over time there have been changes in how you would promote your product, service or app if you are looking to be funded on Kickstarter.

Back in the day, the news that you even had something you were launching on Kickstarter could drive exposure, user commitment and funding for projects. But now, Kickstarter competition is tough. The fact you are simply on Kickstarter isn’t the story anymore — in fact, it discourages some members of the press, because they don’t want to write about something that may not reach the market. After all, while Kickstarter has raised $1,170,361,695 in funds to support 63,835 projects, the success rate of funded projects is 43.38 percent.

Sometimes it may be that the product just can’t engage buyers. Or it could be an engaging and interesting project, but there’s not enough influence to motivate the behavior of buying. Or perhaps the people you are trying to reach simply aren’t aware of your Kickstarter campaign.

That’s where PR for Kickstarter comes in — it’s about driving ongoing news coverage, connecting with audiences and explaining the story in order to influence. Working with founders as committed as KinderLab Robotics’ Marina and Mitch certainly helps — they are clients of ours that are always ready to take a call; show their product (KIBO, a robotic kit for four to seven year-olds to learn to program) over Skype to a Forbes journalist; and understand the need to respond to the press in a timely way.

As a result, coverage for KinderLab Robotics and its KIBO robot to date includes CBS Boston/WBZ, Boing Boing, Gizmodo, Dork Adore, GeekDad, Upstart Business Journal, Boston Business Journal and Forbes.

Like I said, this isn’t a sprint. Yes, there are crowd-funded projects that hit the ‘go’ button and experience the funding equivalent of going viral. But typically you launch your project and then you are waiting for the pledges to come in — it’s a marathon. You need to keep updating supporters, drip-feeding news across relevant social media outlets, and keep beating the press drum.

So we’re happy. Not just because KinderLab and its KIBO robot has been funded, but because we’re big fans of programming. So anything that encourages small children to understand logic, control of technology and how to creatively play with a robot has certainly influenced us. And yes, we ordered a KIBO — the Kickstarter is still open for another nine days — so you can order one too, simply head over to their Kickstarter page.

Need help promoting a project on Kickstarter or any other crowdfunding platform? Get in touch with us at kickstarter@prompt-pr.com

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