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August 29th, 2013

Prompt launches flexible ‘First Byte’ PR packages for tech start-ups

Prompt launches flexible ‘First Byte’ PR packages for tech start-ups

Customizable service bundles also offer ‘add-on’ options for rapid response to market opportunities

Boston, MA – August 28, 2013 – Prompt Boston has launched a range of PR, marketing, content creation and social media service packages designed specifically to benefit technology start-ups. Prompt’s ‘First Byte’ packages support key business activities that promote thought leadership, media relations and content creation. Nicknamed ‘Megabyte’,‘Gigabyte’,‘Terabyte’ and ‘Petabyte’, each scale of package also offers add-on options through a ‘Byte Size’ menu, enabling companies to respond easily to sales and growth-related opportunities, or swiftly trigger specific activities when most benefit can be gained. These optional add-ons include analyst relations, customer case studies, media training, event support and even award programs.

The programs also cover PR, media relations and copywriting in the UK, France and DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), enabling American-headquartered companies to easily extend their marketing activities to new territories and to maximize the return on their marketing dollars.

Hazel Butters, CEO of Prompt Boston, said: “With the fast-paced nature of today’s technology industry, many companies, particularly start-ups, need PR programs that are flexible, scalable and economical. Increasingly we find ourselves working with start-ups and tech companies that have previously been scared away from PR by hefty six-figure fees and teams that seem to consist of a cast of thousands.  Prompt’s ‘First Byte’ packages help our clients to build impactful, results-driven PR programs which remain focused, manageable and affordable.”

Prompt’s ‘First Byte’ PR packaged activities are delivered with full transparency to ensure clear visibility of progress and results. Through this certain and honest approach, Prompt’s specialist teams work as true extensions of clients’ internal PR and marketing teams.

Hazel concluded: “PR is an important component of any business plan or strategy. With Prompt’s packages, companies can reap valuable results and predictable returns on their investments. It’s all too easy for start-ups to regard PR as just another cost, because they aren’t made plainly aware of the tangible benefits PR brings. Others may understand the advantages of PR but feel that hidden costs make it prohibitive for them to adopt. Our start-up packages are exclusively designed for early stage companies; they contain no nasty surprise costs, and are created specifically to help smaller teams harness the power of PR as part of a viable and sustainable business strategy.”

Tammy Kahn Fennell, CEO of MarketMeSuite, a user-friendly social media platform trusted by 30,000 users to organize, prioritize and engage smarter on social media, said: “As a growing software company with commitments in engineering, new product development, customer service, partner strategy and sales, it can be challenging to free up budget and dedicate time for specific media activities. We worked with Prompt when we needed set-price media work because the team could commit to a predictable fee that helped us to plan financially, while prioritizing activities that complemented our immediate sales and growth strategy.”

To learn more about Prompt’s ‘First Byte’ PR packages, visit the website. To receive more information on pricing and package details, please fill out Prompt’s form here.

About Prompt
Prompt is a communications agency that enables marketers and entrepreneurs to increase sales and marketing effectiveness. Specializing in innovative markets including technology, green tech and sustainability, Prompt helps its clients communicate effectively and authentically with core audiences online and offline through PR, media relations, copywriting, webinars, market and industry analysis, social media, video content and customer reference programs. Prompt Communications has offices and consultants spanning in London, Massachusetts and California. Prompt’s current and former clients include Adeptra, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Aperture, Corizon, Dell Compellent, Foviance, Genesys Telecommunications, GenSight, Grouptree, IBM, jovoto, KANA, Oracle Corporation, smartFOCUS and Webtide.

Media contacts:
Hazel Butters or Jackie Fraser
1 (617) 401-2717

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April 22nd, 2013

Prompt’s content marketing Monday tip #10: Keep up with technology

Prompt’s content marketing Monday tip #10: Keep up with technology

In our last content marketing tip, we couldn’t help but share the endless benefits of video – even if it does come with hours of video editing, tedious takeover shots and knowing what makes great footage. But a video camera isn’t the only technology you should know how to use.

In today’s digital era, your company should always remain up-to-date with the latest trends in technology, especially when it comes to jumpstarting your content marketing efforts. Sending a marketing brochure through the old-fashioned post is simply not enough anymore – one must think outside-of-the-box, and turn to technology for new distribution methods:

The rise of mobile

The rise of mobile

Everyone owns a smartphone – which gives you all the more reason to push content through such a powerful platform. Mobility ensures constant connectivity to current customers and future prospects while on-the-go. Look into “m-commerce” as a means of marketing your company – create a mobile-friendly site and offer communication through text messaging (for those who prefer it).  Just be sure the mobile experience is seamless, as we all know there’s nothing worse than a flawed system. 

Tablet compatible e-newsletters

You’ve heard our many reasons why you need a company newsletter before. Not only does it provide a means of visibility, increased SEO and enhanced thought leadership, but it also maintains regular communication with former and current clients around the world. However, with the recent trends in mobile (see above) and tablet, how many of your e-newsletter recipients are really reading the content on a computer screen? Your answer: slim to none. When distributing your company newsletter, ensure layout and graphics are tablet-friendly and displayed properly – leaving readers to rave over the piece, instead of unsubscribing. 

Social media scheduling tools

If your company is on any form of social media – be it Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook – it must remain active and consistent when sending messages. But with limited bandwidth and overbooked weekends, it’s hard to find time to log on to Twitter and send that 140-character tweet every other hour. Thanks to techies that understand this need, several platforms now exist to help you schedule your messages ahead of time, and in various time zones. As a transatlantic PR firm with offices in the US and UK, we use these tools on an everyday basis – our favorites include our friends over at MarketMeSuite, along with easy-to-use HootSuite and TweetDeck

Vine videos

vine videoVine, a new short video app, has presented us with yet another way to distribute video – but this time, in six seconds or less. Perhaps the best feature of Vine is its ability to splice together bits of past video content to create a montage. The video app gives you a new way to differentiate your brand and engage with others, without losing your audience’s attention span. The app is integrated onto Twitter, so existing followers have the chance to seamlessly surf onto your Vine account.

For the most part, the list above gives you a current glimpse into tech tools and trends – but you must also consider the future. How will Google Glass, smartwatches and touchscreen user interfaces impact your company’s marketing? In a constantly evolving world that is heavily reliant on technology, you must keep up with the trends – or get left behind by your target audience.

To access all of our past ten content marketing tips in one convenient, free download, please fill out the form below.

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March 18th, 2013

Prompt’s content marketing Monday tip #7: Partner up!

Prompt’s content marketing Monday tip #7: Partner up!

Most marketers know all too well that one of the biggest challenges of great content marketing is developing that great content.

There is always high demand for compelling content, and while we would naturally recommend partnering with a professional PR and content creation agency such as ourselves, we know that outsourcing isn’t always an option for everyone. However, we also realize that internal bandwidth in any expanding businesses is generally limited, and any wishes you may have for a few more hours in the day – or for a time machine – are probably falling on deaf ears.

Business partnersSo where to turn? How about to other like-minded businesses? Partnering up for the exchange of ideas and content will not only expand your ideas and your audience, it should also prove a fun thing to do. At the end of the day, business is about exchanging ideas and opportunities, and you should never be too shy to collaborate.

For example, we’ve been working with MarketMeSuite, a company that we met just by chance – a benefit of working in a space like the Cambridge Innovation Center, located right in tech-savvy, booming Kendall Square. We really liked the company, its product and its vision, so we got to know them better. We talk about the markets we both work in, areas that interest us, and trends that we both see.

Recently, we decided to work together on some mutually-benefiting content. We completed a post for MarketMeSuite’s blog, which we called ‘Tweet The Press: Prompt’s Guide to Twitter Media Relations’. Our new friends shared our post with their audience across social media and their newsletter, and we posted a really great article from them on our blog, shared it over social media, and published it in our own Impromptu newsletter.

From experience then, here are a few tips on how to create the perfect content marketing partnership:

  1. Find a good partner. Think of people and companies that you like, respect and are sure would be fun to work with. MarketMeSuite has a really engaging team with great ideas, so we knew it would be enjoyable, and mutually beneficial
  2. Think about what you each bring to the table, including content ideas, company visions, ideals and audiences. You need to make sure that any content you are developing is relevant to your partner’s audiences. Yes, it’s an opportunity to expand horizons, but not to alienate
  3. Set deliverables. Just like any business partnership, it’s best to have it all agreed and laid explicitly. If you think that you’re writing something for a partner’s newsletter but your partner doesn’t plan on including your content, then you’re going to run into problems. Keep things clear from the outset
  4. Consider how to approach numerical goals: This is business, so it’s not out of the realms of possibility that one party may be thinking strictly in terms of the number of unique views, downloads or even sales queries your reciprocal arrangement might generate. Be clear and realistic – if you’re just starting a content partnership then you need to get content out there, see what the reaction is and then determine your next steps
  5. Be collaborative. Brainstorm and share ideas, look for overlap
  6. Have fun. These are great opportunities to exchange fun ideas, new ways of thinking and to engage with someone new. Have fun with it!
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March 8th, 2013

Top 9 Ways to Market Your Startup on Social

Top 9 Ways to Market Your Startup on Social

Guest blog post by Tammy Kahn Fennell & Michelle Keegan Kimball of MarketMeSuite

1. Geo-Target. Whether you’re a local business, promoting an event or just trying to get people in the front door of your brick and mortar store, you’ll be far more successful if you’re able to target in a particular geographical area. It’s easy to conduct searches on Twitter to determine who is tweeting about topics relevant to your business in a specific location(s). A simple way to do this is via MarketMeSuite’s Real-time Search.

2. Target by keywords or phrases. If location is not important, you’ll minimally want to narrow down the “Twittersphere” by niche. There are hundreds of thousands of tweets going out every minute, so cutting through the clutter has to be a top priority. Perform searches based on keywords, and reply to relevant tweets. If you can phrase your interaction as a question, all the better. You’ll have a much higher response rate when you are asking someone to respond.  An example is an antiques website finding someone tweeting about an auction they recently attended.  “I saw you tweeted about an auction, what did you purchase?”


This kind of proactive interaction is a perfect way to start a conversation with a potential customer. The person who attended an auction at “Phil’s Auction House,” and bought an oil painting will likely reply, and it can be taken to the next level. “Phil’s Auction house is great.  If you like oil paintings I just put a few on my website you might find interesting.”

3. Be Real. When you’re having conversation with potential customers, you want to be real. Spam is one surefire way to turn people off. As in the previous example, you want to start a conversation with qualified leads, and grow the conversation organically. You don’t need 500 people to respond to you each day when getting just 5 or 10 qualified leads will add much more to your bottom line.

4. Always be there. As a SME owner you are expected to wear a lot of hats, so when your social media hat comes off for a little while, you don’t want to leave your followers hanging. Schedule up some helpful tweets so that your social presence is consistent even while you’re busy doing other things.

5. Give others credit.  One big mistake often seen on Twitter is tweeting out loads of unattributed feeds. If you know of a blog you think your followers will be interested in, mark it as  RT @the blog owner’s Twitter account.

There are so many collaboration opportunities in social media. Retweeting is a great way to show your followers you have your finger on the pulse of your industry. It shows your users you’re monitoring the field and curating some great content for them. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, it’s a great way to get the attention of the person whose content you are pushing. Attribution has the added benefit of showing up on the blog feed owner’s account as an “@ mention” which increases their chance of returning the favor, thereby increasing your own traffic.You can start a lot of great strategic partnerships with a simple “RT.”

6. Don’t Miss The Moonwalking Bear. We all like to think we are totally aware, and couldn’t possibly miss something that’s right there in front of us, especially if it’s important. And if you think you’re totally aware, this awareness test  is worth trying!

Social media is a great way to field customer requests, support, and even research. Set up searches for keywords related to your brand and put in the time to handle requests daily.

Because social media conversations happen in real time, you can usually put out a tiny flame before it becomes a full fledged fire — often in 140 characters or less!

7. CRM is key. Twitter is a great way to handle many customer requests, especially if you can do it as close to real time as possible. Set up searches for keywords related to your brand, and put in the time daily to handle requests and escalate them through appropriate channels when necessary. A happy customer is a repeat customer.

social media8. Some Automation Is Bad. Does this mean you can’t streamline the process? Of course not! Some automation is okay. For example, scheduling updates and pulling in content from your RSS feed; these are great time savers. It’s fine to even have a few templates ready to reply when you see people tweeting or posting on Facebook about something, but never automate the interaction because the results could be embarrassing.

I once tried an app for my father’s antiques business that would automate replies without human interaction. I set it to look for a rare German figurine, and asked it to send people tweeting about it a specific reply if they found the figurine. Since I was not manually reviewing the matches, I had no idea that the name of this German figurine was also a well-known Pokemon character. I had a lot of confused people @replying me. Templates are fine (there’s only so many ways you can answer a certain question) but make sure you’re reviewing who you are replying to and customizing when appropriate!

9. Don’t be afraid to unfollow or unlike. You don’t have time to read posts that have no value to you or your business. Generally, if someone isn’t following you back, there’s not a whole lot of point of following them (the exceptions are larger companies or celebrities you may follow). Remember, if they aren’t following you they aren’t seeing anything you say, so the relationship is very one-sided.

MarketMeSuite is a social media management dashboard for small- and mid- sized businesses. The web-based platform allows businesses to manage and monitor their social media presence, find targeted leads & build engagement with new and existing customers. Try it Free!

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