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December 22nd, 2014

Prompt loves London: The London Eye

Prompt loves London: The London Eye

London Eye

Q: Why is the London Eye like a cell phone?
[A: Because it’s full of names and numbers!]

Most call it the London Eye. But this iconic structure is formally known as the Millennium Wheel. Depending on which company or corporation has sponsored it, it’s also gone by the British Airways London Eye; the Merlin Entertainments London Eye; and EDF Energy London Eye. Come 2015, the Ferris wheel goes fizzy: Coca-Cola will sponsor the wheel beginning at the end of January.

No matter what it’s called, Europe’s biggest Ferris wheel overlooks the River Thames, not far from Prompt London’s new offices on London’s South Bank.

Climate-controlled passenger observation capsules carry seated or standing passengers for a beautiful bird’s-eye view of the city. It’s beautiful to see it all lit up at night.

As for the numbers?

• The London Eye was built in 1999
• It is over 135 metres tall (it was the world’s tallest Ferris wheel until 2006)
• It has over 3.5 million visitors each year
• Six countries supplied the wheel’s construction components
• It has 32 passenger capsules, carrying up to 25 people in each
• The capsules are numbered 1 to 33; Number 13 is left out
• One revolution takes about 30 minutes

So if you’re in London, be sure to get a ticket for the best Ferris wheel ride in Europe.

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June 6th, 2014

Prompt press coverage round up – Spring / Summer edition

Prompt press coverage round up – Spring / Summer edition

We’ve hit the half-way mark for 2014. ‘June already’, I hear you cry! As we take stock of the past six months and look at our highs and lows, we realise how much fun we’ve had ringing bells and batting down journalist’s doors to garner press coverage for our clients. We love shouting about their news, products and opinions and we’d be happy to shout about yours as well.

Below is just some of the titles we’ve secured coverage in for our clients so far in 2014.  So if you’re looking for ideas on how to get more press attention, our media relations service is just one of the many ways we are able to help. Email us at info@prompt-pr.com for more information.



We also offer free 30-minute one-to-one consultations sessions, so send us an email or call us on +1 857 277 5140 to find out what we can do for you.

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May 31st, 2013

Remembering London’s colourful past

Remembering London’s colourful past

LondonLondoner Claude Friese-Greene was the inventor of an additive colour film process called Biocolour, or the Fries-Green Colour Process. In 1927 he filmed one of the first coloured motion pictures ever made, documenting London life when the city wasn’t just capital of England, but remained the centre an enduring British Empire accounting for more than a fifth of the world’s population.

This remarkable film captures a snapshot of hatted Londoners enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the city between the wars. Interstitial captions point out that more than ‘4000 motor busses’ now patrol London’s streets, and that “more than one American has offered to buy our Tower and erect it on Palm Beach as a bungalow!”

By exposing alternate frames of black and white film through a different-coloured filter, then staining the resulting prints either red or green, Friese-Greene was able to project an illusion of genuine colour. The British Film Institute (BFI) has now used the very latest computer techniques to clean up the nostalgic film and reduce flickering so it can be enjoyed by a modern audience.

The results, which we first viewed courtesy of PetaPixel, are fascinating for anyone like us here at Prompt London who work in the city daily, and still walk the same streets, only with very different views. Still, some things haven’t changed – Petticoat Lane market is still impossibly busy, Hyde Park and St. James look just as inviting on a sunny afternoon, and we’re still winning Cricket test matches!

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March 21st, 2013

The UK Budget (a man called George joins Twitter)

The UK Budget (a man called George joins Twitter)

You may have missed it (if you live on another continent or happen to live in Britain without access to a TV/radio/the internet) but yesterday was the UK budget, when the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announces the annual taxation, spending and budgetary plans to the British public. If you don’t know George, you may remember him as the man who was booed at the Paralympics in response to the UK Government’s heavy cuts to disability benefits.

Wednesday was also, quite bravely, George’s first day on Twitter (check him out @George_Osborne), which resulted in a huge number of, er, let’s say less-than-flattering and rather strongly worded tweets directed at the Chancellor. He’s not been discouraged though, and has now stated on a British TV interview this morning that he wants to get more followers than his Labour counterpart Ed Balls (@EdBallsMP).  As things stand, George Osbourne has 34,717 followers at this moment (after a momentous four tweets) while Ed Balls has 78,006 followers (after 3,000+ tweets).

Of course, followers don’t mean that people like you, agree with you, or even want to listen to you.  Twitter is a very powerful way to communicate; while followers are an indication of some level of influence, it’s also important to consider reactions — in the form of retweets, replies and mentions.  To get a clearer outlook on how an individual is regarded, you need to analyze sentiment and go beyond keywords by interpreting irony, sarcasm and humour (there was a lot of each of these in reaction to George and his handful of tweets).

One of my favourite tweets was from comedian David Schneider (who gained a lot more retweets than George):

David Schneider Twitter

From a press perspective, the London regional paper, the Evening Standard, kind of stole the headlines. Even before George had stood up to make his speech, the newspaper had gone to press with a front page that detailed the key points of the budget. Poor George had to make the speech with Ed Balls standing opposite him in the Houses of Parliament, waving a copy of the newspaper.

Daily Mail

Though the most disturbing front page goes to the Daily Mail, which, in a supportive gesture to reflect how the budget mirrored Margaret Thatcher’s core conservative values, mocked up this montage on its Thursday-edition front page, using inspiration from Thatcher’s famous ‘This Lady’s not for turning’ speech.


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December 13th, 2012

You say December 13, I say 13 December

You say December 13, I say 13 December

December 12 Prompt CommunicationsDate formats. Is it 13 December today, or December 13? Working as a transatlantic PR and copywriting team, we know that the accepted format is largely decided by which side of the Atlantic you happen to be working on. While PromptBoston would say December 13, PromptLondon would always use 13December (but let’s not call the whole thing off).  Add the year too, and PromptBoston would say December 13, 2012 while PromptLondon would use 13 December 2012 (note the lack of comma).

One of the first things we ask anyone joining the Prompt team, wherever they are based, is to get used to writing the month part of the date out in full, so as to avoid confusion on reports, editorial trackers, client updates, internal planning documents and communications generally. “What do you mean America is going to celebrate independence on 7/4/2013? Really? In early April? That seems wrong?”  “No, Saint David’s Day (Patron Saint of Wales, if anyone is wondering) isn’t on 3 January, I said it was on 1/3/2013, and I’ll be donning my daffodil and making cawl on the first of March.”

The largest slice of the world’s population uses the date format that we’re familiar with in Britain – the majority of Europeans, Asians, North Africans, Latin Americans and Australasians use this ‘little-endian’ approach, beginning with the smallest measurements of time (day, then month, then year). The reverse, ‘big-endian’ format, is preferred most notably in China, Japan, some neighbouring Pacific states, and a handful of Eastern European countries. It is also part of the international ISO standard. The ‘middle-endian’ format (month, day, year) is used almost exclusively in the North America, with the exception of Belize, as far as we know. However, as a Brit who has spent a lot of time in America, I can still see logic in the American approach – the month comes first because it changes less frequently than the day, then you just add the specific date and top it off with the year.

Whichever format you are used to or see as the most logical (please tell us, we’d love to hear your opinions), we all at least get to write the date format the same way once a month (and yesterday brought the further novelty of the year matching too – 12/12/12).

Over the upcoming seasonal break (in between encouraging my British family members to drink eggnog while arguing over Trivial Pursuit), I’m going to spend some time trying to figure out why the date format flips in its journey across the Atlantic. Should we blame George Washington or King George III? Perhaps we can point the finger at Jonathan Swift? In the meantime, please don’t even get me started on why we drive on different sides of the road

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September 21st, 2012

It’s all about ad:tech

It’s all about ad:tech

Prompt London visits ad:tech London 2012 with Crimson HexagonThe last two days saw the coming together of the digital media community at ad:tech London 2012. Considered to be the number one event for interactive marketing, it brings together a whole host of marketing, technology and creative types under one roof to buy and sell products, exchange ideas and discuss the latest trends and initiatives. So after all the buzz, preparation and organising Prompt London’s visit flew by in the blink of an eye. We networked with many a marketing mogul, and shamelessly directed people to Booth 315 where Crimson Hexagon was demoing ForSight, the leading social media monitoring and analysis platform currently on the market. We surveyed social media types until the early hours of the evening, exchanged cards and drank fruity cocktails shaken by the smooth-talking liquid chefs. All in all, we’d say it was a socially successful ad:tech London.

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August 20th, 2012

Hello, Twellow!

Hello, Twellow!

Imagine combining the outreach of Twitter with the organization of the Yellow Pages. With that idea in mind, say hello to Twellow 2.0, the updated version of the site originally launched in 2007.

Twellow is the premier directory service for Twitter, with over 31 million user profiles indexed and categorized throughout the site. This latest upgrade was driven by Twitter’s exponential growth. Mike Marr, the lead developer of Twellow, told WebProNews that the goal was: “cleanly displaying as much information…without providing that additional clutter you find through Twitter.”

The site pulls all public Twitter profiles into the directory; you could be in there without even knowing it. Tweets that are protected under Twitter’s privacy settings are not shared on the site. Twellow then automatically categorizes the Twitter accounts by keywords in each user’s short biography. This categorization is either hit or miss due to the automated process and how accurately the user’s bio is filled out. The option of self-categorizing your own profile is also available while registering for a Twellow account.

Twellow offers nearly 3,000 different categories to help users browse and follow others with ease. Categories range from Bedroom Accessories (which then subcategorizes into furniture, linens and cabinets), to Entertainment, which lists the Twitter accounts of actors and musicians like Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton.

Marr’s vision targets both individuals and businesses who want to easily find and follow those people who matter most to their particular vision. Twellowhood, an additional feature on the upgraded site, sifts through users by location, making it easier for Tweeters to find their neighbors.

For more information on the social media site, visit our Twellow profiles at www.twellow.com/PromptBoston or www.twellow.com/PromptLondon.

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August 10th, 2012

Climbing the social ladder (metaphorically speaking of course) to a Covent Garden BBQ:

Climbing the social ladder (metaphorically speaking of course) to a Covent Garden BBQ:

With the Olympics quickly coming to a close, the friendly folk at Prompt London’s new Covent Garden office building decided that a good old fashioned BBQ would be the perfect way to celebrate all things great and British. With everyone everywhere getting behind Team GB, it’s a fantastic time to be in London.

Let it not be said that we at Prompt London are party poopers, so as the yesterday came to a close, we put down our pens, closed our laptops and went to see what all the excitement was about.

Although the climb to our office roof deck wasn’t the easiest, by the time we reached the party, we were welcomed by a glorious green haven, fantastic weather, and a much needed drink – what a sight for sore eyes. And while the party was not thrown in our honour, it turned out to be the perfect welcome to our new office community. We were able to network with other building tenants and discuss everything from the Olympics to business, while chowing down on some tasty burgers and beverages. Our new WC2 address has put us right in the middle of the hustle and bustle – professionally and socially – which has turned out to be a sumptuous surprise for us Covent Garden newbies.

And even though we don’t expect a roof-top BBQ every Thursday, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our first full week in the Prompt Covent Garden office.

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August 2nd, 2012

Prompt opens in Covent Garden!

Prompt opens in Covent Garden!

It is with great excitement that Prompt London announces its new home in central London, based in Covent Garden. We could not be happier about our new digs. As we’re unpacking boxes, we’re in love with the more urban vibe and know our clients will be as well.

Our central location is (dangerously) close to a bevy of boutique shops, pubs, restaurants and entertainment — the options are brilliant and lunchtimes are never going to be the same again. This spot is also in close proximity to Soho and its many publishing houses and creative agencies, putting Prompt right where the action is. Covent Garden tube station just around the corner, is connected to the Piccadilly Line, and we’re just a short fun walk from Leicester Square, Charing Cross, Embankment or Holborn.

To me, our latest London move is a significant milestone for Prompt. Over the past decade in business, we’ve seen plenty of evolutions in technology, shifts in the economy and changes in the style of services that clients expect. We’re excited to see the modern drive for a blend of media relations, public relations, copywriting, analyst relations and social media marketing. We are also relishing the increase in both early-stage tech companies and world-leading established companies that we work with, as well as new areas of business including green tech, social media training, plus growth in some fun non-tech areas.

At the same time, on the back of the Queen’s Jubilee, Wimbledon and now with the Olympics well underway, London certainly has a celebratory vibe – complemented by a series of discussions on the role of tech and innovation around the development of the capital’s Tech City.  As we expand once again in this city, we’re excited to be part of its debates, discussions and economy.

So, we very much hope to see you in the neighborhood soon! For once, we’ll be the ones getting a kick out of being the new kid in (central) town!

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