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March 29th, 2014

Tech PR viewpoint: Financial Technology: Fascinating, fast-moving and (under)funded

Tech PR viewpoint: Financial Technology: Fascinating, fast-moving and (under)funded

This week I’ve been thinking about financial technology, or ‘fintech’. I attended a packed event hosted by Green Visor Capital which debated a range of topics including: how entrepreneurs can build successful fintech companies, investors’ views of fintech, and a gamut of topics in between – from the future of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, to mobile payments and digital wallets, peer-to-peer lending, capital market technologies, and the role and future of ‘traditional banks’.

I love technology in all its forms – innovation changes what is considered possible, and transforms how we connect, share and think. I lean to complexity so I find myself personally drawn to software, enterprise – and fintech. How we trade, save, share, buy and invest are fascinating topics. It’s not only a huge market – consider Visa’s transaction volume in 2013 (a cool $6 trillion) – but one that faces change. For example, a survey of millennials found that 71% said they’d rather visit their dentist than their bank. Personally, in the last week alone I’ve used Square, Leaf, Google Wallet and PayPal to complete transactions.

When it comes to early stage funding, fintech hasn’t had the ‘pazzazz’ and allure factor of social media, consumer and many other technology areas. According to PWC and the National Venture Capital Association’s MoneyTree Report, the proportion of early stage funding that has gone to financial startups is less than 0.5%. Yes, fintech is interesting and transformative – but it’s littered with complexity, regulations, rules and compliance.

But fintech reflects a fundamental shift – consumers don’t want to walk into a bank: they want to tap, swipe or click.

If the discussions pace and energy I saw this week in San Francisco were even a hint of what’s to come, we’ll certainly be able to count on how fintech is going to change how money makes the world go round.

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March 4th, 2013

Prompt Communications wins Ipswitch File Transfer international PR account

Prompt Communications wins Ipswitch File Transfer international PR account

 – Specialist comms agency to drive international PR programme for leading secure managed file transfer & B2Bi solutions provider –

 Prompt Communications, a PR and communications agency specialising in innovative markets including sustainability, technology and healthcare with offices in Boston, San Francisco and London, has been selected by Ipswitch File Transfer to lead its international media outreach programme.

With offices across the globe, Ipswitch File Transfer offers secure managed file transfer solutions that are enterprise-class, user friendly and easily implemented.  The company’s solutions address needs from person-to-person transfer through to enterprise-wide B2B integration, giving corporate users and businesses security and safety of information.

The company’s provides file transfer solutions to support the range of organizations’ requirements including basic file transfer capabilities (WS_FTP), end-to-end Managed File Transfer (MOVEit ), and a B2Bi MFT platform to support sophisticated workflows, integration with systems and applications and data translation. 

Ipswitch File TransferSophie Pellissier, director, International Marketing for Ipswitch File Transfer said: “We are a leading player in the secure file transfer and secure collaboration market, with over two decades of experience in providing B2Bi solutions.  We’re looking forward to working with a team that understands our business and our customers’ needs. Prompt will promote our media relations campaign and advise on how to maximise our editorial opportunities in order to further build our brand reputation and thought leadership across the international markets. We look forward to seeing our international programme of thought leadership evolve and expand.”

Prompt Communications CEO Hazel Butters said: “We’re excited to be working alongside Ipswitch File Transfer to support the company’s continued growth across the globe.  There’s a growing demand for secure, professional, business-orientated file transfer platforms as businesses operate across multiple sites and time zones, so we are looking forward to spreading Ipswitch File Transfer’s core messaging to an international audience. No modern organisation can risk the exposure of critical files falling into the wrong hands, and we are delighted to be working with a company that places such emphasis on the safety and security of business data.”

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October 10th, 2012

Prompt appointed by Crimson Hexagon to drive UK public relations

Prompt appointed by Crimson Hexagon to drive UK public relations

As a transatlantic copywriting and public relations agency with offices in London, Boston and San Francisco, Prompt works with an array of clients in the technology industry – an innovative sector that is both thriving and constantly evolving.

Our latest appointment by software company Crimson Hexagon proves no different. Headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in London, Crimson Hexagon provides big data analysis software focusing on social media posts and other data sources to global organizations, including well-known companies like Microsoft and Starbucks, for insight into social sentiment and improved  business intelligence.

What is most exciting about this new client is its state-of-the-art ForSight™ platform, which was originally developed at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science. The platform breaks the traditional social media monitoring mold by relying on both human judgment and computer scalability. The platform currently holds an estimated 175 billion social media posts in its database, and adds an additional 1 billion posts to its database every two days.

Prompt will work on Crimson Hexagon’s UK public relations campaigns, which includes targeted media relations, opinion placement and securing editorial opportunities to support the company’s sales to B2C and B2B marketers, data specialists and business strategists.  Prompt will work on campaigns targeting marketing, business, retail, and consumer publications.

The Prompt team is looking forward to working alongside one of Fast Company’s ‘Top Ten Most Innovative Web Companies’, and has already begun working with top-name press on coverage and editorial opportunities.

For more information on Prompt’s appointment by Crimson Hexagon, read the press release here. To learn how Prompt Communications can produce the most effective communications for your sales and stakeholder value, email info@prompt-communications.com.

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October 2nd, 2012

Boston meets Bulgaria: An international feel to Friday

Boston meets Bulgaria: An international feel to Friday

As an international media relations and copywriting firm with offices in Boston, San Francisco and London, the team at Prompt Communications is always interested in meeting notable leaders and business professionals from around the globe.

This past Friday, @PromptBoston had the chance to sit in on an informational speech given by the president of the Republic of Bulgaria, Rosen Plevneliev. President Plevneliev visited the Cambridge Innovation Center (a workspace we’ve raved about in some of our past posts), as he was in the Kendall Square area to visit the Bulgarian Consul in Boston and attend the 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York the following week.

The day was topped off with savory Bulgarian food and a musical performance by Divi Zheni, Boston’s own Balkan women’s chorus, directed by Tatiana Sarbinska – an acclaimed Bulgarian folk singer, instructor and conductor.

It was a Friday for Prompt’s memory book – meeting the leader of a southeastern European country and diving into the traditions and culture of the land.

For the most recent updates on all of Prompt’s activities, follow us on Twitter at PromptBoston or PromptLondon. For more information on how our professional public relations and copywriting services can benefit your international business, please email info@prompt-communications.com.

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