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August 13th, 2012

Not the Apple of our eye: Apple’s not so ‘genius’ adverts

Not the Apple of our eye: Apple’s not so ‘genius’ adverts

Apple’s latest line of adverts have received harsh criticism from tech geeks, with a number of people arguing that they make consumers look stupid and out of touch with the latest technology.

The series of videos were featured during the London Olympic Games. They showed an Apple Genius helping customers in various ‘mind boggling’ situations. Following consumer feedback, they were pulled – although they can still be found on You Tube.

As an Apple fan, I feel the adverts were supposed to be edgy and comedic and not taken seriously. But having to pull an advert shows that Apple seriously misjudged its audience on this occasion. While they didn’t offend me, I can see how they could be misinterpreted as patronising and condescending.

Here at Prompt, we’re always discussing how companies can be effective communicators, consistent and strike the right chord with its audiences. In these areas, and so many others, Apple is usually an outstanding leader, consistently ticking all those boxes – just think of how ground-breaking its 1984 commercial spoof of ‘1984’ was when it showed during that year’s Super Bowl to launch the Macintosh. Another classic is Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign which showed iconic personalities including Thomas Edison, John Lennon, Muhammad Ali and Jim Henson, accompanied by Kermit the Frog. It’s impossible to watch the adverts without your hairs standing on end.

Apple's Think Different ad

As consumers we have high expectation of Apple innovation in all areas, including its adverts. I’m sure this isn’t a case of one bad apple (ad) spoiling all the good ones.

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