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October 27th, 2014

Swiss startups: Start-up spirit in the Silicon Alps

Swiss startups: Start-up spirit in the Silicon Alps

Prompt’s DACH series, post #4: Swiss startups

Big bank accounts and ridiculously expensive real estate – Switzerland is known for attracting the richest of the rich. A good spot to launch a startup? When thinking of aspiring young entrepreneurs, rich in ideas but not a dime in their pockets, Switzerland is not the first place that comes to mind. But Switzerland is more than just chocolate, cheese and snow-covered mountains, it is also a hub for high-tech and medical sciences.

Silicon Alps

Support from prestigious universities such as ETH Zürich and governmental organizations such as CTI facilitates the start-up process for many ambitious entrepreneurs. This all has made Zurich the a hot spot for consumer-facing web technology: Booking platform GetYourGuide, note-taking application Memonic, GroupOn competitor DeinDeal and gaming platform Gbanga have found their way to the start-up forefront.

But it is not only the amazing scenery that makes Switzerland a great destination for young entrepreneurs and professionals – the alpine paradise offers easy setup and taxation, fast investment process and has become a great place for those in search for venture capital, R&D resources and incubation.

And not to forget: Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, is also home to Google’s largest engineering office outside if the US, which is of great advantage for the entrepreneurial community. Swiss start-ups also benefit from the multilingual environment, they mostly operate in the country’s official languages, German, French and Italian, as well as English, which allows them to build a product in Switzerland before rolling it out to other markets.

But the dream of the ‘Silicon Alps’ has its drawbacks: The potentially high cost of living in Zurich or Geneva can make it difficult for startups to attract new talent. So it may not be a total surprise that some startups such as GetYourGuide have moved to other locations such as Berlin – and as we’ve written about in a previous post about ‘Silicon Allee’, Berlin is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of Europe’s most exciting innovation hubs.

If Switzerland’s thriving start-up community is of interest to you, make sure you follow our blog: Prompt is working with an innovative sport technology company from Lausanne that will launch on Indiegogo this week. Launch updates coming soon…

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August 15th, 2014

Achtung, start-up alert!

Achtung, start-up alert!

Silicon Valley was yesterday. Now say hello to Silicon Allee. Frankfurt may be Germany’s financial capital and Hamburg the country’s media hotspot, but when it comes to founding new tech start-ups Berlin is definitely the place to be.

With almost 3,000 start-ups and hundreds of millions of euros in investment, Berlin is rapidly gaining a reputation as Europe’s most exciting innovation hub. IT giants Google and Microsoft are rushing to the German capital where tech companies such as SoundCloud, ResearchGate, Wooga and 6WunderKinder have become the face of the city’s start-up success.

But why is Berlin so popular with young entrepreneurs and professionals? Certainly its comparatively cheap rents and utilities make the German capital a desirable location when choosing the right spot for a new venture. But economic reasoning alone does not drive flocks of business-savvy tech geeks to the once divided city. For many of them, Berlin is also a cultural Mecca where traditional arts meet new innovations. A hotspot of contemporary art and music, a rich variety of restaurants and an internationally acclaimed clubbing scene, the multicultural melting pot attracts young and highly educated people, providing the perfect soil for pioneering spirit and innovative ideas.

In the city once described as “poor but sexy” by its mayor Klaus Wowereit about a decade ago, tech related sales now contribute more than nine billion Euro per year. And the booming start-up scene is also bringing good news to the job market. According to McKinsey & Company, start-ups are expected to deliver more than 100,000 new jobs to the capital city by 2020.

As a native German speaker working at Prompt working for DACH-based software and for American software companies that are ramping up their PR presence in DACH, I’m really pleased to see how the region is transforming.

If you’re a German, Austrian, or Swiss company that wants to launch into the UK or US markets – or a company looking to launch and get more traction in the  DACH region, then email us at dach@prompt-pr.com.

By the way, we speak your language!

Wenn Sie ein deutsches, österreichisches oder Schweizer Unternehmen sind, dass am britischen oder US-amerikanischen Markt Fuß fassen möchte – oder ein Unternehmen, das seine Präsenz in der DACH Region ausbauen will, dann kontaktieren Sie uns doch unter dach@prompt-pr.com

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September 10th, 2013

aPriori signs new European PR contract with Prompt

aPriori signs new European PR contract with Prompt

International agency to continue to drive European media relations for PCM innovator

10 September 2013 Prompt has been appointed by enterprise product cost management software specialist aPriori to run targeted 2014 European media campaigns covering Britain, France and DACH (Germany, Switzerland and Austria).

Headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts, aPriori develops and markets enterprise product cost management software to reduce the costs of products both post- and pre-production. aPriori Product Cost Management software platform is the first solution of its kind that allows companies to maximize savings throughout the development and manufacturing stages. The software provides real-time product cost assessments, enabling discrete manufacturers and product companies to make informed decisions to drive down product costs. aPriori helps world class manufacturing corporations stay on budget and reduce excess spending. The company recently announced $6 million in additional funding on the back of a record financial year which included annual revenue growth of 84% and a 62% increase in customers alongside a fifth year of 90% customer renewals.

Rick Burke, VP of Marketing for aPriori, said: “In Prompt we feel we have found a public relations company that matches our own personality. Together we are goal focused and strategic, targeting relevant media audiences in key territories, and concentrating on very specific markets. Prompt has understood our ambitions to produce some excellent and metric-based results to date including opinion pieces, interviews and coverage in core automobile, aerospace and manufacturing press. We now look forward to continuing our momentum, press coverage and sales-focused PR activities in 2014.”

Prompt is a PR consultancy that has gained significant experience in the technology industry with PR, copywriting and marketing clients from early stage technology companies to global organisations such as Dell and Oracle Corporation. The company also offers early stage companies an introduction to PR with packaged services called ‘First Byte’ with sales-focused, ‘no surprises’ PR, thought leadership, media coverage and sales-related content.

Hazel Butters, CEO, Prompt said: “aPriori is a unique company that provides a high quality product with huge value for any businesses looking for an innovative way to make more informed manufacturing and sourcing decisions that drive significant cost out of products. Rick and his team are great to work with – and they’re incredibly focused, providing our team with the goals and objectives essential for effective, results-driven PR. We very much look forward to continuing our work with aPriori into 2014.”

About aPriori
aPriori software and services generate hard-dollar product cost savings for discrete manufacturing and product innovation companies. Using aPriori’s real-time product cost assessments, employees in engineering, sourcing and manufacturing make more-informed decisions that drive costs out of products pre- and post-production. With aPriori, manufacturers launch products at cost targets, maximize savings in re-work projects and never overpay for sourced parts.

About Prompt Communications

Founded in January 2002, Prompt Communications is a communications agency with European offices in London and US offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts and San Francisco, California. Prompt Communications offers expertise across all marketing disciplines, teaming its consultants’ extensive knowledge of start-ups, technology market with experience of pan-European and American media, analyst and marketing campaigns. Using highly targeted marketing, PR, analyst relations, social media and corporate copywriting initiatives, Prompt helps its clients gain the visibility they need to achieve their business objectives, from increasing sales to enhancing reputation with stakeholders.

Media Contact:
Jackie Fraser | Prompt
Tel: +44 845 053 9121 | +1 617 401 2717

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June 27th, 2013

Around the technology world in 80 days: Day #6: Geneva, Switzerland

Around the technology world in 80 days: Day #6: Geneva, Switzerland

C CERN 2008

C CERN 2008

From Walldorf it’s a short road trip through Strasbourg and Basel to Geneva. We know that the twelve universities of Switzerland are all extremely high-tech (particularly the Federal Institutes of Technology in Zurich and Lausanne). We also know that Swiss smarts were behind new theories in calculus, rational numbers, atomic theory, LSD, thermochemistry, superconductivity, DNA and even, Velcro. But on this tech trek there is only one place we’re headed for the moment we cross the border and smell the Toblerone – it’s CERN or bust.

CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Established in 1954 it is an international organization based on the outskirts of Geneva, and home to some of the smartest thinkers from 20 European member states. The laboratory itself is home to 2,400 full-time employees, 1,500 part-time employees, and host to 10,000 visiting scientists and engineer representing 608 universities and research facilities from 113 nationalities. CERN is the heart of European science and technology, the belly button of boffins, the garrison of geek.

The World Wide Web as we know it was born right here at CERN. Initially called project ENQUIRE, Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau built upon the concept of hypertext to create an entirely new collaborative research environment. The first web page went online in 1991, and today more than two and a half billion people around the globe can surf, tweet, like and watch as many cats playing the piano as they desire. But as phenomenal as the web is, the biggest tech tourist trap at CERN today is undeniably the Large Hadron Collider. Up to 175 meters underground, with a circumference of 27 kilometres, and a computer grid connecting 140 datacentres in 35 countries, the LHC particle accelerator is quite simply one of the greatest technology facilities and scientific milestones in the history of mankind. We have a picnic of holey cheese and gaze in wonder.

The hills are alive with the sound of bosons – next stop, Italy!

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